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Cycle Addiction

In 2021 Cycle Addiction was formed to create an eBike Specialist store. As totally addicted eBike riders we yearned to create an environment where we could share our amazing eBike adventures with like minded people. Our goal was to deliver an unparalleled customer experience with a dedicated team of passionate eBikers who are devoted to building an e-culture of respect by individually striving to be the very best at what they do. At Cycle Addiction our team understands terms like battery anxiety, full fat, watt hours, torque, volts and much more. We look forward to our e-future, and hope together we can rediscover the freedom we all experienced when we tried out an eBike for the very first time. eBikes offer the world a new way to enrich our health and lives and push us to new limits we never thought possible. Our addiction is to make every customer a Raving Fan and to continually strive to lead the market through providing an exceptional customer service experience in everything that we do.