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Frequently Asked Questions

All our Frey eBikes have been limited to a maximum speed of 25 km/h and 250 Watts in line with Australian Law. For use on private property or closed course racing it is possible to program the controller to the original Frey factory specifications.
You can order on the Cycle Addiction Website, there are three categories to choose from. 1) Frey Bikes that are currently in stock in Australia. 2) Frey Bikes that are already in production and slated for Australian delivery in the near future. (These Bikes are available for reservation with a $500 deposit). 3) Frey Bikes Pre-Order, these are bikes that we currently do not have on order but can be ordered. This require a 50% up front deposit with a 24 hour cooling period, after which the order will be submitted to the factory for production. Once in production there is no change of mind refund available.
All Frey Bikes come with a 2 Year Manufacturer's Warranty.
Typically it is 90-120 days depending on the demands of the Frey Factory.
Yes you can, if the options that you are seeking are not currently showing on the specifications list of your preferred Frey eBike as listed on our website, please email us at
If you are a current bicycle retailer and would like to sell Frey bikes in your store, please send an email to and we can send you all the details on how to become an authorised Frey reseller.
With the original Bafang Factory Specification Tune the M600 produces 120NM of Torque at a peak power of 800 watts and the Bafang M620 produces 160NM of Torque at a peak power of 1500 watts.
Frey Bikes are manufactured in China.
Since 2013, Frey Bike has been making bikes and exporting them worldwide. We, Frey Bike company, have been actively developing and supplying high-performing electric bikes for all valuable riders since 2013. In the past 9 years, we have endeavoured to advance e-bike manufacturing processes, explore new technologies, maximize e-bikes capabilities. Moreover, we are devoted to supporting e-bike communities for cycling enthusiasts in China and throughout the world.
Free Ride Enjoy Yourself!
FREYDOM IS YOURS One may describe freedom as a luxury, at FREY, we believe that it is a right. It is a right for wanderlusts everywhere to see the unseen; It is a right for e-bikes geeks everywhere to see their dreams come true; It is a right commuters everywhere to enjoy a hassle free experience. Or as we like to call it, FREYdom.
To produce ultra powered e-mountain bikes, from enthusiast to entry level customers, for a very reasonable price. ”With FREY’s passions for gravity sports, and the expertise in perfecting the equation for the best e-bikes ever created. We pride ourselves in providing our community an e-bike that won’t break the bank, only pavements and rocks.
To co-create a cost and energy efficient e-mountain bike with distinctive specs for all riders. We believe in the future of e-mountain bikes and how it will shape humanity travel from one point to another, and we are actualising that dream, one e-bike at a time.
Yes Frey offer both a six month and 12 month extended warranty program.
Please email us at to find our how to become a Frey Ambassador in Australia.
CO-CREATION Our ambassadors participate in many things we do, from product innovations and designs to new model testing and demo riding. COMMUNITY Our ambassadors are sponsored by Frey to manage communities - host riding events, organize group purchases and so on. INSPIRATION Our ambassadors help us spread FREY value & concept: FREYDOM(Freedom) is yours to make, to take, to create.
From athletes to cycling instructors, creatives to entrepreneurs, we are honoured that thousands of users recognise and support Frey's brand and products. We see them on the road, along the trails, and in the mountains. Their passion for E-Bikes and pursuit of spiritual freedom are e-corded in their sweat and wheel marks.
They are additional batteries that can be fitted to your electric bike to extend your riding range, Fitment and compatibility varies depending upon the make and model of your particular electric bike.
Yes kits can be fitted DIY however some technical knowledge is required and depending on the bike there may be some electrical modifications necessary.
The batteries are available in 252wh & 378wh capacities.
Currently range extenders are compatible with Shimano, Specialized and Bafang systems. They are incompatible with Bosch systems. Contact us if you have another system and would like a battery.