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Frey Liberty Series

All-Rounder, Just like you

Just like in human nature, we never stop exploring. We always desire to freely conquer more terrains (various trails, mud, sand, snow, etc.) with some tools/vehicles. At the same time, we want to make the journey pleasant and comfortable. To achieve this, Frey provided a unique solution 


The most significant unique point that differentiates the Liberty series and other series is the application of Fat Tires.

More Comfortable to Ride

Fatter tires give more comfort for you. Fatter tires contain more air than those bike tires we usually see in the market. They are made with rubber, so you are able to ride with lower air pressure. If there're bumps and dips, fat tires reduce the impact when you hit them. So you won't feel like losing control with its outstanding stability. The impressive thing is that you can adjust the air pressure in the tires to adapt to different terrains. Hint for you: Higher pressure for firm ground, lower pressure for soft ground.

Work on Any Terrain

Liberty fat tires can take you anywhere- they work on any terrain, no matter paved streets, muddy trails, even when the ground is covered in snow. Fat tires bikes provide improved grip and traction since they have more contact with the ground than other tires. At the same time, their thickness offers the durable experience of riding on rough trails without being damaged.

Provide a Great Workout

Since the fat tires increase the bike's overall weight, it takes more effort to pedal. You will get the exercise you were looking for in your lower body, especially leg muscles. Your core will also be exercised if you ride a fat-tire bike, as you need to balance yourself in off-road settings. Luckily, you can still move forward when you are tired with Frey bikes, as they are E-bikes! The only thing you need to do is turn up the assistance level.

Compare Hunter and FF1?

Frey Hunter

Frey Hunter Bike is the HYBRID class (entry-level) of the Liberty series. It has 26" fat wheelsets and a GTMRK air suspension front fork. All-Rounders by design, the Liberty series are built for those who yearn to cruise through diverse terrains and trails.

Frey FF1

Frey FF1 Bike is the Ultra class of the Liberty series. Compared to HYBRID, ULTRA is designed with a full-suspension feature which reduces most jarring bumps. This model can provide an experience of dissipating fatigue, allowing you to ride faster and longer comfortably.

More important is that these two modes have Fat Tires, Bafang M620, 1008WH extensive battery system, and SRAM X5 9 speed derailleur set. All these are Liberty's DNA- it empowers its rider with the certainty to calmly master trails, suburbs, beaches, snowing forests, hunting, etc... It represents the feeling of mental freedom.

We made an image for the comparison of Frey Hunter and Frey FF1, please check and find the right one just for you:

Which one is your Liberty collection? Welcome to leave your comment below this article and let us know~~

Again, We sincerely hope you can Free Ride & Enjoy Yourself!

Frey Bike

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