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The FREY CC FAT is a beautiful Cross Country commuter eBike in form and function that offers a comfortable step-through design for an everyday commuter style ebike. Together with a powerful Bafang mid drive motor and an industry leading 1008WH internal battery you get power, durability and range to ride and explore any area you choose. Coupled with fat tires this bike is perfect for usually difficult terrain such as sand and snow.

•160nm Torque
•1008wh 48v Battery
•26″ FAT Tire Wheelset
•Rockshox 150mm Travel

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The Frey Cross Country is the ultimate commuter eBike that offers a high performance mid drive motor with a hill conquering 160nm of Torque which means you can ride up the biggest of hills with ease and cover longer distances faster than ever before. Combine this with a massive 1008WH internal battery and range anxiety is a thing of the past.

This motor can be Unlocked or Derestricted for Private Property use up to 55 km/h while maintaining your Australian factory backed 2 Year warranty.

The CC includes dual Rockshox suspension which allows you to take any route you choose whether a bike path or an off road track, with the CC you can ride anywhere at anytime and make your commute the most exciting part of your busy day. 

The CC also includes a handlebar activated seat dropper post as standard which makes it even easier to get on and off the bike along with industry best Magura MT5e 4 piston Brakes that even brake the engine too.

Designed with fat tires to effortlessly glide over difficult terrain such as mud, sand and snow.  It is also rated for a load of up to 120 kg, which means it can easily carry larger riders.

The FREY CC is available with 26″ wheels, and a simple universal frame that suits all sizes.


The step through universal frame combined with a dropper seat post makes the Cross Country an accessible ride for people of all sizes.

Fat tires allow you to conquer difficult terrain with ease, Ride effortlessly over mud, sand or snow

With Eco & Sport mode each offering 5 separate levels of assistance you have the power to choose how fast or how far you want to go.