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Frey Savannah Series

A ride extends urban life to natural FREYdom

In the work-life balance setting, office workers started to have fun exploring the outdoors. They are looking for bikes that meet their commuting needs and be able to take them to escape from everyday city life to suburban and nature. However, no eBike on the market had the best budget(less than $5000USD), comfortable and adaptable to urban lifestyles and cross-country scenarios- the Frey Savannah series came into being.

Frey has been in the electric bicycle game since 2013. With all those years building premium e-bikes, we've had plenty of time to refine the technology. Savannah is Frey's introductory line that offers riders a delightful e-bike experience at a reasonable price. It represents the feeling of freedom during field trips in reality. 

Savannah series e-bikes bring you a more effortless riding experience to meet your needs for recreation, fitness, and everyday routines commuting to work. A powerful battery can also help you conquer longer distances (up to 80kms) and explore more joy and FREYdom!

Two Levels in Savannah Series


Savannah HYBRID

HYBRID is the entry-level Savannah series and can be used for city bikes. They are super versatile, comfortable, and fun, which makes them fantastic for all different kinds of rides, including both city rides and ride trips.

Savannah ULTRA

ULTRA is suitable for both daily commute and riding trips. It has been designed with a full-suspension feature which reduces most of the jarring bumps. This model can provide an experience of feeling at ease, allowing you to ride faster and longer comfortably. We want to introduce our All-star products CC, which would comfort your riding experience to the next level.

We made an image for the comparison of Frey Bike HT1000 and Frey Bike CC, please check and find the right one just for you:

Which is your Savannah? Welcome to leave your comment below this article and let us know~~

Again, We sincerely hope you can Free Ride & Enjoy Yourself!

Frey Bike

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